Transform your psychology and trading performance

Over ten hours of live teaching, develop a winning mindset to trade with confidence, consistency and discipline.

Nick Dighton
Former TAYB Student
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"This course has transformed my trading in many aspects beyond my p & l. It has significantly improved my trading edge. More critically, it has helped me build the resilience to take losses early and has enabled me to focus on the next opportunity promptly. I cannot thank Steve enough for the hard work he has put into this course which I know will pay dividends for years to come."
Richard Thomason
Former TAYB Student
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"I was impressed with not only the sessions and course content but also the homework exercises and reflection. I took copious notes and re-watched each session to check if I had missed any insights. I found Steve to be very professional, helpful and approachable, both during class and afterwards. Steve is a master of his craft and is passionate about his work and improving his traders' performances."
Gurdeep Singh
Former TAYB Student
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"Steve is an experienced psychology coach and the training is put together well to break down each of the components involved in a traders psychology thought process. When you learn to breakdown this down it’s helps you identify and improve in small areas you couldn’t do before, as it was thought and seen as a whole concept. Now that whole psychology concept can be broken into different parts."
Ann-Marie Stringer
Former TAYB Student
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"This is a must do course for any trader who is serious about improving their performance. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned trader the value in this course is fantastic. Steve provides a logical framework for assessing trading performance and issues, and then provides practical and effective strategies for improvement. The support provided by Steve during the course was incredibly helpful."
Ian A
Former TAYB Student
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"It is remarkable when you think about that in the field of trading there are so few well known and respected coaches on trading psychology and performance. Steve Ward is one of the few. The course is very well structured to unlock many subtle aspects of trading mindset with specific questions and exercises for follow up. The focus on the type of trader you want to be, and on clarifying your trading process was very helpful."
Dean Sidwell
Former TAYB Student
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"I would advise all traders, new and old, to take Steve’s course. He provides great value and comfort for all. This course is all about you. It is tailored to get you involved in learning about yourself, about your thinking, and how to become a better trader. I found reflecting on my trading, learning how to achieve specific mental states, and how to deal with the discomfort of trading, which manifests often in trading, extremely helpful."

What separates the top 10% of traders from the rest? It’s simple: mindset.

Even if you have a winning methodology, what can often derail your success is your psychology. Just ask yourself whether any of these scenarios sound familiar.

The good news is that you can improve the way you think. It just takes knowledge and practice. Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped some of the world’s top traders implement these steps to overcome their psychological hurdles.

I would like to help you too.

An in-depth course designed to improve your thinking, decisions and profitability.

Do you want to trade at your full potential? This course will teach you the skills to reach and maintain a high-level of performance. Here’s what’s included:

About Steve

Steve is a trader performance and psychology coach, who has spent over 16 years working with traders and fund managers at some of the world’s largest and highest performing investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses, utility companies and proprietary trading groups across the globe.

Prior to starting his work with traders Steve provided sports psychology coaching to elite athletes and teams in over thirty different sports across the globe, with a particular interest in extreme, action and adventure sports; and he has also provided psychological coaching for professional poker players.

Steve is the author of ‘Bulletproof Trader’, ‘Tradermind’, ‘High Performance Trading’ and ‘Sports Betting To Win’, and has written many articles for leading trading publications. He co-managed a team of 45 proprietary traders in London, was the consultant trading performance coach to the BBC TV series ‘Million Dollar Traders’, and spent a number of years trading stock indicies and FX on his own account.

Module One:

How To Increase Your Chances Of Trading Success - Developing Commitment, Competence and Confidence

Module Two:

How To Make Good Trading Decisions, Trade Less Emotionally And Reduce Behavioural Bias

Module Three:

Mental Training For Strengthening Trading Discipline, Patience And Flexibility

Module Four:

How To Manage Your Mind And Develop A Winning Traders Mindset

Module Five:

How To Manage Fear, Regret, Boredom And Other Difficult Trading Emotions

Module Six:

How To Take Losses, Manage Drawdown And Avoid The Downsides Of Winning

Module Seven:

How To Trade At Your Best

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